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What You Want

As an architect who lays out clients' dream homes and offices on paper, a contractor who builds clients' dreams into elegant homes and offices, or a yacht builder who creates floating masterpieces, you know that your clients want the best of everything. They want wood cabinetry and furniture that is tasteful, elegant, enduring, rugged—and made to their specifications. They want it to look like such an integral part of their home, mansion, office, or yacht that it almost appears to have grown out of the walls.

What You Need

You can't give your clients that by buying from any home-improvement store. You need a craftsman, someone with years of experience, someone who can bring your clients' visions to life in vibrant stained and lacquered woods. You need a cabinetmaker who lives and breathes his craft, who uses time-proven methods to produce traditional pieces but can also create whatever intricate and unusual pieces you or your client can conjure up. You need an artist.

You need custom work by the master, Edward O'Moore-Klopf of Master Cabinetworks, Inc., who has been creating wooden works of art in homes, mansions, offices, and yachts across New York State's Long Island, from the Hamptons to Manhattan, since 1984. He's happy to work with you or directly with your clients, whichever arrangement you prefer.

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